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Choosing The Abundant Life Combo (Soft Cover)

Choosing The Abundant Life Combo (Soft Cover)

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Choosing The Abundant Life
How to Find Purpose, Increase Your Faith, and Draw Closer to God.
by G. L. Hardesty

God wants to make our lives enjoyable, to give us a real purpose for living. As I look at life now, I know nothing more enjoyable than sharing the truth of God's Word with a world that is lost and dying without Him.

My life is coming to an end, and I have begun to reflect upon what I have accomplished. Surprisingly, I am not satisfied. But I wonder what is truly important. What does God think? ...Have I done what He has placed me here to do, or have I selfishly wasted my time? I want my life to make a difference, to be worthy of His love for me.

As Gary Hardesty looks back on his life, he knows from experience the importance of living out God's purpose for our lives. In this inspiration exploration of the meaning life, Gary shows readers how they can find fulfillment by understanding how God wants them to live. If you have struggled with self-adoration, ambivalence, or a lack of purpose, then come find out how to live selflessly, passionately, and with assurance of your destiny. Choosing the Abundant Life is a decision that you will never regret as you learn to devote yourself to drawing near God and leading others to Him as well.

Gary L. Hardesty has earned a BFA and an MS in the arts. He has worked as a college teacher and a bindery supervisor at a printing firm and was instrumental in the organization of what is now known as Independent Bible Baptist Church of Pittsburg, Kansas. He and his wife still claim IBBC as their church home. He has published a commercial CD, Messages of Hope, the Inspired Songs of Gary Hardesty, and founded My Own Melody, LLC. He and his wife, Karen, live in Fort Scott, Kansas.

350 pages

Messages of Hope
The Inspired Songs of Gary Hardesty

Do you love good Christian music that is uplifting and encouraging? Do you love different types of Christian music like Inspirational, Bluegrass or Southern Gospel, just to name a few? Messages of Hope comes with 16 amazing songs with different music genres that will not only help you feel uplifted and encouraged, but will inspire you to draw closer to God. Preview the song titles as follows:

1) He Died For Me 2) Guide Me 3) Everybody Needs A Savior 4) The Devil Got The Best Of Me 5) The Only Hope 6) Pray For One Another 7) Love Me Forever 8) When In Doubt 9) Washed By Love 10) Speak To Me Lord 11) I Have A Plan 12) All The Way 13) Room For Sinners 14) Until My Last Breath 15) We All Need Someone 16) Love Divided


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