Our Mission

Christian Designz Ministries and Christian Designz Store's mission is to sincerely share the message of Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the world. We are born into this world with a need and a purpose: the need is to accept Jesus as our Savior: the purpose is to share Him with others. Therefore, it is our mission to fervently share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the whole world and our prayer that we can be the blessing to others that He has called us to be through this ministry.

Our Purpose

Founded by Mely+Gray De Hardesty, the purpose Christian Designz was created is to fulfill a dream and a heartfelt desire to help support missionaries and non-profit organizations in raising the funds needed to continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. We are living in a world that is growing more and more difficult every day to be a missionary in a different country or even a religious worker in our own country. Therefore, Christian Designz Ministries was created to minister to missionaries and their needs so that they may continue to move forward in sharing the amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian Designz Store was created to inventory and sell only the highest quality Christian products to help support those who have a special calling by God to be missionaries in foreign countries. With your support, we are able to work together to see God be Glorified and souls come to know Jesus Christ as Savior around the world.

Thank you

May God continue to bless your life abundantly!